Ready to bring your vision to life and experience deeper meaning and fulfilment?

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Join our like-minded community of women, take action, and bring your vision to life in this 8-week online coaching and meditation experience. 

Dates to be confirmed.  

Limited places.


If you've been feeling:

  • Stuck in a job that doesn't fulfil you and long for something more meaningful.
  • Burdened by ideas, but uncertain how to bring them to life, or you simply need accountability.
  • In need of support from someone who's successfully reinvented their career path before (that's me).
  • A longing for deeper fulfilment, empowerment, and purpose.
  • Lacking focus and in search of greater efficiency and productivity in your life.
  • Limited by perfectionism, self-doubt, or a lack of confidence.


It's time to take action.

Ten years ago I took a leap and left my career in Psychiatry to follow my passion and make meditation accessible to the mainstream.

I created a global meditation movement and a social enterprise, Mindful in May.

Re-inventing myself from health professional to entrepreneur was a leap.

I came up against many obstacles: self doubt, impostor syndrome, zero business knowledge, overwhelm, and fear, to name just a few things...

I made many mistakes and took myself through a real-time "practical" MBA. 

I created this program because this is what would have made my leap so much easier.. 

In this program, I share everything I've learned which enabled me to create a financially viable business from the ground up,  that has had powerful positive impact in the world through bringing clean water to over 35,000 people across Africa. 

I also bring my experience in neuroscience and the brain, meditation, and psychology to help you master your mind and focus on moving your idea forward. 

When we feel called to evolve, we need community and a guide.

I'm excited to be your guide and support you along the road to bringing your vision to life. 

Experience the thrill and deep fulfilment of stepping into your power and your purpose! 


The Evolve community is here to support you and help bring your vision to life.  

  • If you're ready to step into a life and work you truly love
  • If you want to be supported and learn hacks and tips to overcome the inevitable obstacles that arise along the creative process
  • If you’d love to make the most of this year and look back feeling accomplished and satisfied that you've finally taken action...

I hope you’ll join us.

I look forward to supporting you.



In this transformative 8-week program you'll:

  • Have the opportunity to pick my brain and tap into my  business experience
  • Get clear on your goals and develop an action plan that will guide you forward faster. 
  • Learn how to overcome the predictable obstacles that arise along the creative process
  • Learn how to be effective and avoid burnout
  • Learn the secrets to creating habits that stick for greater effectiveness in your life.
  • Learn how to access flow states and sharpen productivity
  • Develop and strengthen your growth mindset that will support you through the ups and downs of launching your idea into the world 
  • Identify and overcome the inner obstacles to making powerful change, such as, perfectionism, lack of confidence, and impostor syndrome, 

An 8-week transformative coaching experience

How it works:

Join our weekly LIVE online 1.5hr group coaching sessions (recorded too for playback).  

Each week we'll explore a different theme and you'll get guided practices and exercises to inspire your clarity and action-taking.


Receive personalised coaching to help bring your vision to life. In our live online sessions there will be opportunities for you to have your questions answered. 


Hear from guest experts who share their creative journeys including lessons learned to save you from making the same mistakes and pick their brains in live online sessions

Be supported by the online community of other like-minded women and keep each other on track. 


Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.



Being able to trust yourself more deeply and move out of your comfort zone into deeper fulfilment. 

Moving boldly and efficiently forward to bring your idea to life.

Discovering how to identify your inner resistance and mindset blocks and learning skills to overcome these. 

Clearly knowing your values and purpose in life and being able to live in alignment with them 

Feeling deeply empowered as you take action to make your vision a reality. 

If you've been feeling:  

  • It's time to finally commit and take action to bring your idea or project to life

  • A longing for deeper meaning and purpose

  • Stuck and unsure of how to move your idea forward  

  • Distracted and in need of ways to step into flow and presence for greater efficiency and productivity 

  • Isolated in your doing and crave to be part of a like minded community who will support and hold you accountable
  • Limited by your perfectionism, self-doubt, or lack of confidence .... 


It's time to take action. 



You'll work with Elise and be supported in a personalised way. You'll also be part of a group of like-minded women.

This program is capped at a limited amount of people to ensure more personalised attention and a deeply transformative experience.

Interviews will be conducted to ensure it’s a right fit for you.

Investment $2200

Please fill out the form below to express your interest and save your place. We will be in touch to organise an interview and ensure the program is the right fit for you. Acceptance into the program is on a rolling basis, so if you feel called to join us please register your interest before spots fill up.

  “The future is completely open and we are writing it moment to moment.”