$50.00 AUD

Help Families In Uganda Access Clean Drinking Water

Right now, over 20 million people are drinking dirty water in Uganda, that’s nearly half of the population;

With over 36 million lacking basic sanitation services. This leads to sickness, poor health, income loss and children missing school.

Women and girls are having to walk for hours to rivers, lakes, and ponds with 18kg Jerry Cans on their backs. Each perilous journey steals time better spent pursuing an education or earning an income: all for water that often carries dangerous diseases.

You can change their lives today.

When a family is given reliable access to clean water, women and girls are freed from the walk for water. They can attend school full-time, turn their hobbies into thriving businesses, or simply rest.

As part of Mindful in May we are fundraising for Charity: Water. You can help us bring clean water to more people around the world. 

The Mindful in May community has raised over $1.1M to bring clean, safe drinking water to over 32,000 people in need.